The History & The Future of TPMS 2.0

The History

TPMS 2.0 came about to answer the question "How does driver centric TPMS differentiate from fleet centric TPMS solutions?"

The answer came from a conversation that Peggy Fisher was having with a  marketing expert who was discussing the difference between old fashioned websites which were basically just text and images on the web and new websites which are connected to a database and enable the website to do amazing things with that data such as e-commerce, blogs, social networking, stock tickers, weather and many other powerful things. She learned that the new, more powerful and more useful websites are called Web 2.0 websites. The evolution of websites is very similar to product development now occurring in the evolution of TPMS solutions. Thus the term TPMS 2.0 was born.

The Future

At this time the adoption of TPMS 2.0 as nomenclature for advanced TPMS data analysis and communication of this data to the fleet is in its infancy.  Efforts will continue to have TPMS 2.0 accepted as the standard in the industry with TPMS manufacturers and authoritative organizations in the tire and trucking industries.

Peggy Fisher is currently President and COO of TireStamp Corp.  Prior to joining TireStamp, she was President of Fleet Tire Consulting, a consultant to fleet and tire, wheel and related product manufacturers, and recognized as North America's leading independent truck tire and wheel expert. She still writes regular columns for Crain's Tire Business which she has done since 1996.  For eight years, she was President of the Roadway Tire Company, a retreading operation. She also served as Manager of the Tire, Trailer and Dolly Maintenance for Roadway Express for 11 years during which time she was responsible for maintenance of 28,000 trailers, 4,000 dollies and almost 200,000 tires and wheels. She is among the leaders of the Technology and Maintenance Council of the American trucking Association, having served as General Chairman and Treasurer and has chaired its Tire & Wheel Study Group for 10 years. She currently chairs two Tire & Wheel Task Forces and is also active in both trucking and tire industry associations. She served as Director of the International Tire and Rubber Association for 7 years and its successor organization, the Tire industry Association (TIA), for 7 years in addition to serving as TIA’s Chairman of its Public Relations Committee for 3 years and as President in 2008. Peggy has been a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers since 1983 and has also served as Director of the Tire Retread Information Bureau from 1995 to 1998. Peggy holds a BS and MBA from Kent State University

TPMS 2.0 Vendors

Below is a list of companies that carry TPMS 2.0 certified products. Please contact them by clicking on their names in the list below and visiting their websites.

TireStamp Inc.

TPMS 2.0 Certification

If you are a TPMS company and you would like to be considered for TPMS 2.0 certification please download and fill out the TPMS 2.0 Compliancy Application form which can be found HERE (Microsoft Word format). Once you have completed the document you can email it to us at the email address on the form. Someone from the TPMS 2.0 standards panel will contact you shortly.